Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Differential Pressure Monitoring System

Assist in GMP and Data Integrity in Multiple Pharma Clean Rooms

With enviroDPMS and its enviroCMS, the Multiple Clean Rooms Monitoring Software, it is now possible to simultaneously, accurately, effectively and conveniently monitor the Differential Pressure, Temperature and RH, in multiple clean rooms in the Pharma plant, with due Data Integrity about the logging of these parameters.

  • Real Time Monitoring can be done 24x7 from one single central location, even if there are hundreds of such Clean Rooms in a single plant.
  • The recommended option of Data Logging. Logs the readings at set intervals, or events at anytime, in a tamper proof manner. So vital for GMP and data integrity.
  • Alarms. In the event of any deviations from the set limits of the parameters, it raises a number of equipment specific alarms, to enable necessary corrective actions in time:

  • A pop up on the monitor of the central administrator
    A text message and an email to the official concerned.
    A common hooter in the corridor
  • The Clean Room door open/close event is duly logged by enviroDPMS and any Differential Pressure changes at such times are correlated for audits.
  • Real Time Audit. The designated officials at the HO can access the monitoring being done in any of the plants across India, using the Web based enviroCMS software, for a real time audit, if and when they want to.
  • MIS. Feature rich MIS reports are generated by the system in a tamper proof manner in PDF format, in compliance with the 21 CFR guidelines of the US FDA, thereby assuring of accuracy and Data Integrity.
For Technical Details please refer http://enviroworld.in/enviroDPMS.html or call us on +91-22-6566 6555 / +91-9223388647

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