Monday, 2 January 2017

Door Interlocking Solution for Pharma Clean Room

DIS is a USER PROGRAMMABLE Door Interlock System, This system is designed to suit modern door interlocking requirements. DIS can also be interface with any access controller. DIS has Master-Slave Configuration and can be configured to total 8 doors in one loop.

The unit is flexible and can be configured on site by the user for required door locking logic.
Key Features

  • Master & Slave Configuration (Max. 8 Doors can be controlled).

  • Can be interfaced with any access controller.

  • Door Plate with 2 LEDs to indicate Status of the door (Door Release, Door Locked).

  • Programmable Interlock Logic using an External Keypad for Onsite Programming.

  • Buzzer O/p for DOTL, Door Force Open and emergency, fire alarms.

  • Integration with Fire panel.

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