Monday, 28 November 2016

Cold Chain Data Logger

Cold Chain Data Logger

The Cold Chain Data Logger enviroSUDL has been designed specifically to continuously and accurately monitor and log, in a tamper proof manner, the temperature of the export consignments in transit, providing rich MIS in 21 CFR compliant PDF format to ensure accuracy and Data Integrity. 

Key Features & Benefits

·         It accurately monitors ultra sub zero to low temperatures.
·         Logs at set intervals, after the Start Delay as set by you, and also when a deviation event takes place.
·         Can log as many as 6000 readings in transit.
·         Excellent Battery life depending on the frequency of temperature logging i.e. the interval. Auto Email. Logged data is automatically sent by email, directly to the registered id of the exporter. 
·         The same data can also be uploaded to the Enviro website, with a unique device ID, to be accessed by the exporter.
·         Various important MIS reports and graphs are available, such as the MKT Calculation in 21 CFR parts 11 compliant PDF Format and the TTI report as per USP chapter 1118 on monitoring devices.

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